Here To Help
Young Kids Learn
Coding & Make Some
Cool Projects 

Hands Across The Ocean provides learning material to educate young children about programming. The project is being started in partnership with an awesome little school in Brazil and the goal is to give much needed support to organisations and centres like these.

We want to provide this freely, to many places where it may be difficult for young children to access these opportunities and need your help!

In December, we took 10 Micro:Bit computers and a few inventor's kits for the children. The great news is that the kids really loved them and can't wait to do more!


Fun Learning Hardware

At the heart of the project is the BBC MicroBit. It's a really interesting piece hardware for the kids to experiment and see the results in a fun way.


Cool Coding Projects

To teach the children, we're also writing and collating a huge library of material and fun projects for teachers to use in the classroom.