Project Favela:
Giving Opportunity
to Young Children

Project Favela is an NGO organisation offering free education to young children. They operate in the heart of the favela where sometimes even volunteers face the dangers and realities of gun violence. To help the school, this scheme has already provided equipment to help the children learn about programming.

Rochina is one of the largest favelas in Rio de Janeiro. With a population of 70,000 and just six public schools, here only 1% of the children there manage to complete there education. Although many of these communities are very thriving, it has long been known that they are a hot-bed for drugs, gun crime and many other hardships.

The project was founded by Scott Miles in 2009 and the first school was launched in 2012. At the heart of their principals it the idea that education genuinely helps break the cycle of poverty and gives children opportunity. It's an ideal that research clearly shows to work and I strongly believe in.

In 2016 they launched their first STEM and Fazedores (Makerspace) programs where the children learn STEM skills through fun, interactive, project based activities. The school also operates a number of activities within the community to encourage the children to maintain their education.

After a month of discussions, I took a trip there In December 2017 to meet Director, Liliana, and some of the children. It was really heart-warming to meet these guys and see the hard work being done to provide alternatives and opportunity to the children.

This year the school aims to offer a new core skill within its curriculum and give the children a real opportunity to learn programming and computer skills. As part of the development of this, we're working to develop classroom material for the children to learn this as a skill. Together, we hope to be able to inspire the kids there that, even though it may difficult to gain the education they want, they too can teach themselves a skill and create opportunities for themselves.