Cool Coding
For Young Kids

We're working hard to develop coding exercises that can be easily introduced to young children. To do this we're providing a really cool piece of equipment to encourage the kids to take part in the scheme.

The idea is that (in addition to learning at school) young children will be able to access learning material from anywhere with internet access and really accelerate their learning.

Micro bit.png

fun interactive hardware

Costing just £15 each to purchase the BBC Micro:Bit sits at the heart of our project. It's less than half the size of a credit card it's packed full of sensors and hardware. The goal is to get these into as many places as possible so that the children have something fun to experiment with.


One Simple Programming Tool

To program the Micro:Bit, the kids start by using a simple block editing tool. Each piece fits together much like a jigsaw and allows them to progress to real life programming. This is free to use and the children only need internet access or a Windows computer to get started.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 00.56.50.png

A Box Full Of Creative Ideas

To complement the MicroBit, we've also found a really cool Inventors Box packed full of ten experiments. Once the kids have completed the project in here there no limit to their imagination as to what they can achieve.


We're creating a library of free learning material that can be used to by the kids anytime anywhere. Take a look! Our work can be accessed on any mobile device using Google Classroom and it's totally free! 

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