A Cool Idea
That Really Works

To test the idea of the project, we took 10 MicroBit Computers to Brazil in December and left the with Project Favela. Since then we've been writing learning material to both support the school and progress the project.

Project Favela operates daily Fazedores class, allowing the children to learn STEM skills through fun learning activities. To support this, we developed some exciting worksheets and also left them with two Inventors Kits, provided by Kitronik in the UK. Each one of these kits comes with ten experiments and a box full electronic bits and pieces that make part of it.

In addition to the Fazedores classes, each week the school will operate coding classes. During these classes, each child will have the opportunity to focus in more detail on a specific topic of programming. 

The learning material for the coding classes was created to be progressive, meaning that (starting at a basic level) as the child completes one task his or her knowledge of programming will increase. The coding worksheets will also be developed to complement the practical exercises done in the Fazedores classes and the core aspect of the material is that the children will learn through problem solving.