Fun Learning
With The Micro:Bit

At the core of the project is the BBC Micro:Bit. It's a very small and inexpensive piece of hardware and we operate a scheme to sponsor the purchase of these.

Once online, children create programs and download them to the device using a free online tool. The children can even access this from a mobile phone, meaning they can practice almost any time.

Two Programmable Buttons

With two programmable buttons on the front, you can make the device perform specific actions when either or both are pressed.


Temperature Sensor

Teach your students to program the device to perform certain things based on the the current ambient temperature, in degrees Celsius.


Measure the acceleration of the MicroBit and detect its motion. With this you can create exciting games and projects based on the student moving the device in a certain direction.



Using the compass, you can detect the earth's magnetic field, or other magnets nearby. It's possible to detect which direction the MicroBit is facing and make it perform certain actions based on this.


The radio transmitter built into each device allows you to communicate wirelessly between two or more devices. You can use the radio to send messages or even build multiplayer games.



Built with Bluetooth LE inside, you can program the MicroBit to communicate with other computing devices, even cell phone. You can even create your programs on a mobile phone or tablet and send them straight to the MicroBit.


Light and temperature sensors
Motion sensors (accelerometer and compass)
Wireless Communication, via Radio and Bluetooth

25 individually-programmable LEDs
2 programmable buttons
Physical connection pins